ASCA token will be listed in the cryptocurrency exchange! An announcement of MBC special sale!!

ASCA token will be listed in the cryptocurrency exchange! An announcement of MBC special sale!!

For those who has been waited after the purchase of MBC tokens,
we would like to announce the following. As for the first step of
“Asclepius Network” project, the listing in the cryptocurrency
exchange market of “ASCA token” by Medicalbit Foundation
(operating ICO in Estonia) and Japan Medical Solution Inc
(operating administration of the project) has been set officially.

We are going start the final special sale of MBC token!!
The maximum bonus shall be 30%!!
We recommend you to join Ascrepius project and receive several merits.

ASCA token listing information
Description of listing on the exchange market:
March 21st (Thurs) JST

Name of exchange market: Top TopForce 

In order to purchase ASCA token with good deal beside swapping from
MBC token, you can only purchase through the exchange market.
If you are a holder of MBC, you have various merits besides token swap.
The final day of the sale of MBC token is the day ASCA token will be
listed (Marth 20, (〇) JST〇〇. We recommend you to purchase MBC
and get a token swap option to ASCA token.

  1. Bonus you receive at the time of purchase of MBC
    As early as you purchase MBC, you will receive more bonus for swapping
    to ASCA token later on. The information of special bones by purchasing early;

3/2 (Sat) JST0:00~3/8(Fri) JST23:59 Purchased bonus 30%
3/9 ( Sat) JST0:00~3/15(Fri) JST23:59 Purchased bonus 20%
3/16 ( Sat) JST0:00~3/20(Fri) JST23:59Purchased bonus 10%

Purchase form from here:

  1. The advantageous exchange rate
    The standard rate at the time of start of listing shall be 1 ASCA=10¢,
    and if it is swapped from MBC, you will get a right to swap at the rate
    of ASCA=8¢(the standard of exchange rate of ¢ shall be the rate at the
    time of listed in the exchange market.
  2. Staking
    As for the holder of MBC tokens, the holder has a right to swap to ASCA token.
    If you decide not to use this right and keep the MBC tokens,
    the holder will receive ASCA token month after the listing.
    The holder will get 10% per year worth of ASCA token through staking by
    swapping for MBC token. We will proceed the staking of ASCA token as follows;

1) The balance of right of the standard date from Jan ~ Nov shall be 0.8%
2) Dec shall be 1.2%

Through MBC, we recommend to join the Asclepius Network in order to
provide advanced medical care to the world.



Listing Approval Letter:

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