Delivering the most advanced medical care

To people around the world

Asclepius network PROJECT

Our Mission

Dear Valued Friend,

In today’s medicine, we see the inequality in provision of medical care, by region and by wealth.
On one hand, we are witnessing the rapid development of the cutting-edge medical care supported by steady advancement and discoveries in such medicine-related areas as artificial intelligence and omics. On the other hand, we cannot ignore the fact that a vast number of people are struggling to receive even basic, minimal medical care, let alone genetics-based individualized medicine, in many parts of the world. We would like to be part of the efforts to rectify such inequality which exists in the world today.

Our mission is to pave the way for making the cutting-edge medical care and technology available to every single person on the earth, with the use of our knowledge and expertise in information technology.
We envisage a worldwide network of medicine through which every citizen of the globe can benefit from the most advanced medical knowledge and expertise.

We have named our envisioned network Asclepius Network after the Greek ancient god of medicine Asclepius. As if blessing from the Greek god, we have been fortunate enough to receive enthusiastic support from many people.
We are still at the very start of the long journey ahead, yet we have been contacted by many expressing their intention to participate in the network. Our proven track record in patented technologies in processing electronic medical records clearly demonstrates our strength in technology.

With our technology strength back up by the track record, we are starting our project to build this world-wide network from Asia.

Hiroyuki Yamaguchi
Asclepius Network CEO and Founder

Making the most advanced medical care available to everyone in the world

Our mission is to integrate the knowledge and expertise of medical care in the world and to make the most advanced medical care available equally to everyone.
Globally, researchers continue to advance medical care by developing new therapies and medicines with various technological innovations.

Unfortunately, not everyone can benefit from such advanced medical care. Our challenge is to come up with ways to make the most advanced medical care available to everyone in the world.

The tallest hurdle we see is “knowledge and expertise.” So-called home doctors who attend to patients on the front have difficulty providing them with standard medical attention. Each doctor is required to familiarize themselves with an enormous volume of pathological and pharmaceutical knowledge. The hurdle is even taller for doctors in developing countries who have to treat a wide range of diseases, which makes it virtually impossible to provide the most advanced medical care there.

No doctor can acquire diagnostic expertise overnight, for it is important to understand that each patient presents with their unique conditions.

Even pharmacists, whose specialize in preparing medications, have difficulty explaining the contents of each prescription precisely as intended, regardless of experience in the profession.

Against this backdrop, we have been exploring the ways to provide doctors with the most advanced information on medical care and prescriptions. We believe our support as through the project will eventually lead to providing everyone in the world equally with the most advanced medical care.

Furthermore, we will not only provide doctors with such information, but also offer carefully selected information on health care and medical care to anyone who tackles health improvement.

Through our project, we are committed to contributing to the health of human kind by improving the quality of medical care in the world and by providing every single person with the most advanced medical care.

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Knowledge and expertise integration in most advanced medical care

For this reason, we will collect from around the world and integrate the information on the most advanced medical care for a shared knowledge property.
The system where the users can take advantage of the services created from the shared property will eventually deliver the most advanced medical care to everyone in the world.

By managing the platform of data linking the latest diagnostic and pharmaceutical information, expertise, and all, we will be able to integrate the most advanced medical knowledge and expertise and to complete the platform of the global medical information.

We named it “Asclepius Network” project.

The name denotes that Asclepius, the god of medicine, will deliver the most advanced medical care to everyone in the world through the project.

Creating ASCAa Lab

We will create a virtual laboratory ASCAa Lab on Asclepius Network, which is the global medical information network we will develop.

ASCAa Lab will offer a virtual research environment, where leading medical researchers around the world can participate, capitalizing on the integrated advanced medical knowledge and expertise and medical records from around the world.

One of the systems to be developed from the use of the integrated data is an AI-assisted diagnostic system, starting from AI-assisted diagnostic imaging.

The research results will be used for various businesses to promote the health of all the people in the world.

In addition to health information, we will carefully choose products with solid reputation based on expert knowledge and certify them with genuine effects and highly reliable information. We will support evidence-based health promotion by providing the ASCAa Lab-certified health care product information to the people around the world.

Developing a platform of the most advanced medical information

We aim to develop a “medical information platform” of the most advanced medical care. We will achieve this goal by using blockchain and encryption technologies.

  1. Authenticity: Medical information contains highly classified information. The information on the most advanced medical care collected for the integration of expertise and knowledge as well as the medical records containing personal information such as diagnostic and health checkup records must not be ever falsified.
  2. Security: The patient records and medical information stored on the blockchain must not be deleted.
  3. Availability: The medical information system that supports the most advanced medical care must run 24/7 without any interruption.
  4. Scalability: The system must accommodate exponentially increasing medical information, patient records, and health checkup data while sustaining updates into the future.

The system can overcome all these challenges only with the use of blockchain technology, the technology cryptocurrencies are based on.

The medical information on the integrated expertise and knowledge of the most advanced medical care and the medical records containing personal diagnostic records and health checkup data needs protection from falsification, especially when their authenticity is paramount in case of medical malpractice and medical accidents. Furthermore, each data set contains extremely personal and private information so that it will be highly encrypted. With these technologies, the information will become verifiable and secure big data for operations.

In addition, the use of blockchain technology will secure the prevention of data loss in the event of some nodes coming under unforeseen circumstances and enable the medical system to continue to operate without interruption.

Toward the integration of the most advanced medical knowledge in the world

No matter how excellent our vision for “Asclepius Network” project is, and no matter how abundant the information on our medical blockchain system is, we will end up turning the whole information into a large chunk of waste unless we can integrate, manage, and utilize it. We will not only build a medical blockchain system, but also develop the software to integrate and utilize the medical and healthcare information.

This step is the very first of our “Asclepius Network” project.

Many may wonder if any tools can aid doctors and other users in situations like the above. The key to overcome these challenges shall lie in the services we now start to introduce.
Many may also wonder whether any tools can deliver medical care to everyone on the earth. The answer to this challenge shall once again be found in these services.
These services will serve as the entrance to the integration of the most advanced expertise and knowledge, which is the core of the medical blockchain system, and they will eventually mean the exit from it.
Here is our electronic medical record system for all doctors and health promotion app for everyone.

Information accumulation with ASCAa-EMR

Our electronic medical record system ASCAa-EMR comes with next-generation operability, and we plan to embed the diagnosis assisting information in the system.

In Japan, a so-called five minute-diagnosis rule has been put in place, so that each patient encounter shall take five minutes as set by the nation’s medical fee system. The objective of this rule is to promote more thorough examination of the patient, which could otherwise be shorter. But the current medical record system is too cumbersome to simply make an entry in time; the rule hasn’t, thus, helped doctors to spend more time examining their patients. With ASCAa-EMR’s efficient operability, it will take only thirty seconds to make an entry of a patient’s record. This patented technology of ours will significantly shorten the time necessary to make an entry of a medical record, which will, in turn, allow doctors to spend more time facing their patients.

AI-aided diagnostic information

Multilingual ASCAa-EMR

Usability improvement

Embedded wallet functionality

Telemedicine to be made possibl

Real-time research of the latest pharmaceutical information

Reservation system and insurance claim function

Healthcare app ASCAa-Personal to accumulate information

Our revolutionary healthcare app ASCAa-Personal will be developed to support the users’ health in many aspects. ASCAa-Personal will seamlessly link individual health information and clinical records and offer the health guidance that best matches their health conditions, while serving for the accumulation and integration of medical expertise and knowledge and medical records.

Health support informative videos

Digital medicine notebook

Provision of health check-up results and associated health information

Alert for severe disease prevention

Health check-up support

Application for Mail Medical Check


Access to medical information infrastructure and search function.

Wallet function and amulet

Multilingual ASCAa-Personal


ASCA token (ASCA, henceforth) will be issued to be used for various scenes within Asclepius Network.

ASCA purchased through the complimentary sale will be locked up, and 10% of the purchased ASCA will be distributed at the end of each month over the 10-month period, starting from the month ASCA launches first exchange.

In order to improve the value of ASCA, the project operating company Japan Medical Solutions may buy ASCA on the secondary market with part of the profits in accordance with its sales. As the number of ASCAa-EMR and Asclepius Network project users grows, the sales from the operations will increase; that is, the growth of the project will improve the premium on ASCA.

Enterprise use

  1. Deposit to install ASCAs-EMR for the Asclepius Network project

  2. Deposit to use the medical information infrastructure of the Asclepius Network project

Personal use

  1. Amulet upon the installment of the ASCAa-Personal health app

  2. Discounts on services and purchase through ASCAa-Personal health app


Asclepius Network Project


Establishment of JpMedsn


60,000,000 JPY in capital as of H1


Start of ASCAa-EMR development


148,750,000 JPY in capital as of H1


Start of ASCAa-Personal development


ASCAa-EMR α version released, trial phase in several clinics

2017 Q1

Rollout of ASCAa-EMR α version in Q1 / Apple App Store certification acquired


249,750,000 JPY in capital as of H2

2018 2Q

Launch of ASCAa-Personal and start of full-scale promotion in Q2

2018 Q3

Rollout of ASCAa-EMR β version in Q3, pilot operation

2019 2Q

Launch of ASCAa-EMR and start of full-scale promotion in Q2


Full-scale distribution of ASCAa-Personal with ASCA issued

2020 2Q

Creating ASCAa Lab in 2Q

About Us

Medialbit Foundation

MedicalBit will be a registered corporation in the Republic of Estonia and will develop and manage finance for the project.

Location of Head Office Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Narva mnt 5, 10117

Project Implementation Company Information

JpMedsn (Japan Medical Solutions Co., Ltd.), a Japanese corporation, will implement the project.

Company Name Japan Medical Solutions Co., Ltd.
Location of Head Office Nihonbashi Ningyocho Ishii Building, 9F, 3-1-17 Ningyou-tyou Nihonbashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 〒103-0013
TEL/FAX TEL: 03-6459-0623
Fax: 03-6459-0624
Established July 23, 2012
Business contents Planning of medical and nursing care solutions, system development
Capital 239,750,000 yen
Number of outstanding shares 1948 shares
Organization composition
Representative Director and President: Hiroyuki Yamaguchi
Director: Masakuni Tamura
Director: Kingsley Kobayashi
Director: Tony Evans
Corporate Auditor: Tatsuki Tsuda

Team and Advisors

Management team of project operating company

Hiroyuki Yamaguchi

CEO, JpMedsn Co., Ltd.

CEO, Macrocom Corporation (current)
CEO, Well Life Communications Corporation
CEO, Universal Solution Systems Inc. (listed on JASDAQ)
CIO, Saint Marc Corporation (now Saint Marc Holdings, TSE 1st Section 3395)
CEO, Dewey Corporation
Okayama System Service Co., Ltd
Alma mater: Seto High School

Masakuni Tamura

Director on Board, JpMedsn Co., Ltd.

Professor, School of Science and Technology, Meiji University (current)
Supervisory Officer, Mori Hills REIT Investment Corporation (current)
CEO, Arc Brain, Co., Ltd. (current)
Director on Board, Sigma Planning Institute, Inc.
Sumitomo Construction Co., Ltd.

Kazuma Kurokawa


Through large-scale company such as manufacturer, financial and IT, experienced in business strategy, financing

January 2019~ Establish Aerospace business
October 2017~ Start accounting/financial consulting services
March 2017~ MK PLUS founded
March 2016~ IT related/Management plan
August 2009~ MC auto lease Co., Ltd./Corporate sales, solution development, logistics sales: Business strategy, Operation strategy, Credit audit for corporate
February 2007~ GE fleet service Co., Ltd.: Auto lease sales
April 1998~ Toray Co., Ltd./Material for electronic circuit: Business strategy including sales activity in domestic/overseas
March 1998  Graduated in Osaka University, Law
【Main performance】
・Build up system for quality management, overseas plant
・Much experience in accounting data analysis, optimization plan for profit by drawing business strategy: Turn over from red status, Improve low performance branch, 4 times development of net income, 2 times development of sales
・10 times bigger business scale in 5 years/Toray, Sales improvement by new product release/Toray and GE, 4 times development of net income/MC auto lease, VB investment and business sales planning/IT
・Promoted as division director in 37 years old as youngest record of elite employee

Advisory Board

Medical Supervision

Hiroyuki Yasuoka

MD., Director, Minami Akasaka Clinic

The authority on preventative medicine with advanced medical technology
Dr. Yasuoka supports the Asclepius Network project with his extensive medical insight.
Dr. Yasuoka’s solid network of medical authorities throughout the Japanese medical community is an asset to the project
Class of 1983, Keio University School of Medicine,
Opened Minami Akasaka Clinic in 1990
Trained in Radiology and preventative stress management at Johns Hopkins University Hospital and Emory University Hospital, USA
Internship at the Keio University Hospital Department of Radiology
(Medical Corporation) with a focus on preventative medicine

  • Seafood Vegetarian (Vovis)
  • Tsuma ha Naze Otto ni Manzoku Shinai no ka (Kadokawa Shoten)
  • Karo Shi – Totsuzen Shi ha Kou Fusegu (Japan Business Publications)
  • Isogashii Hito Hodo Kenko Kanri ga Umai (Narumido Publications)
  • Oishasan no Hanashi ga 10-Bai Wakaru Hon (Japan Medical Publications)

Peter Lingström

Professor/Senior Dental Officer,
Department of Cariology, Institute of Odontology, Sahlgrenska Academy,
University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Dr. Peter Lingström is a globally renowned authority in the field of. Dr. Lingström has been fostering promising degree candidates as a main supervisor at the department while actively engaging in financial support for dental care. He holds several posts including the vice president of Sweden’s society of Cariology, a cariological clinical specialist for the Västra Götalands län public dental health department. Having been helping the efforts to eradicate dental caries and periodontal diseases from Sweden for many years, Dr. Lingström is also responsible for the Swedish health department’s dental guidelines. Dr. Lingström has published more than 100 academic papers on cariology and periodontal disease prevention.
Dentistry, Lund University
Doctor in Dentistry, University of Gothenburg
Associate Professor, Kristianstad University
Visiting Professor, University of Sassari
Professor/Senior Dental Officer, University of Gothenburg
Vice Chairman, Swedish Society of Cariology
Cariological Specialist, Kingdom of Sweden Department of Public Dental Health
Head of Dental Guideline Committee, Kingdom of Sweden Department of Public Dental Health

Sales Advisor

Lalit Bansal

Entrepreneur, CEO, Top Advisor, Crypto Enthusiast, Blockchain expert, Investor, and Speaker are the major features that describe Lalit Bansal. As a leading entrepreneur with more than 14 years of experience, his mission is to develop a culture of entrepreneurship, helping start-ups achieve their full potential as well as helping to expand existing companies.

Lalit has attended various blockchain and crypto conferences in Russia, Miami, New York, Singapore, Bangkok and Dubai.

He has extensive knowledge of ICO marketing, PR, and growth hacking. His outstanding entrepreneurial skills and commercial acumen with innovation and motivation make him an influencer.

Marketing Strategy Advisor

Dmitri Belkov

International chief executive with 20 years of a proven track record for effective results-driven leadership, team management and P&L responsibility who worked on both the consulting and the clients side (Government Agencies and Enterprises) worldwide and in Russia.
Wide experience of working with blue-chip companies managing multimillion-dollar projects as well as crisis management in situations that can lead to multimillion-dollar losses.
Got a broad and diversified set of responsibilities including large-scale transformational programs, Business Development, Product Management, Sales, Marketing, Corporate Governance and Government relations.

Technology Advisor

Bharat Gandass

Bharat Gandass is an expert technology advisor for start-ups predominantly in Blockchain and Security areas. He has done Masters in Business Administration (Finance and IB) and serving the IT sector from last 11 years.

Bharat has a demonstrated history of working in digital marketing, Fintech, and Blockchain industry as an entrepreneur, investor, advisor, and influencer.

Intellectual property rights supervision

Ryosuke Tamura

Chief patent attorney, Lighthouse International Patent Firm

Ryosuke Tamura, an expert on management of intellectual property, manages intellectual property rights of the Asclepius Network project—which is the indispensable part of the project.
After graduation, he began work for a chemical manufacturer where he engaged in research and development.
He, later, joined a patent firm and subsequently registered as a patent attorney in 2003.
In 2004, he moved to join a consulting firm.
Since establishing Lighthouse International Patent Firm in 2007, he has provided attentive support for patent applications extensively in the fields of software and chemistry.
Alma mater: School of Engineering, Kyoto University